Missing Shingles

7 Reasons to Replace Any Missing Shingles Immediately

By Elizabeth Crane / June 16, 2014

Do you think that a couple missing shingles is no big deal and you can wait to have them replaced?…

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Using Architectural Shingles

6 Important Considerations before Using Architectural Shingles

By Elizabeth Crane / June 13, 2014

Using architectural shingles should only be chosen after some careful consideration and some research. These products can be a terrific…

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Home Roofing Repairs

10 Money Saving Tips for Home Roofing Repairs or New Roof

By Elizabeth Crane / June 11, 2014

Saving money is on the minds of most people. When it comes to a new roof or home roofing repairs,…

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How to Decide on the Best Roofing Shingles for Your Home

By Elizabeth Crane / June 9, 2014

When it comes to your home, you want only the best. But how do you decide what the best roofing…

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Residential Roofing Company

Should You Use a Residential Roofing Company or DIY?

By Elizabeth Crane / June 8, 2014

If it is time for your home to have new shingles installed, you might be thinking about trying it the…

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