7 Reasons to Replace Any Missing Shingles Immediately

Do you think that a couple missing shingles is no big deal and you can wait to have them replaced? Not so, Kemosabe. Whether it is from storm damage or age, it is something that needs to be taken care of pronto.

A few missing shingles on an otherwise good roof can be easily replaced and interlocked with the existing roof. However, you may not be able to get an exact match to your existing shingle color.

Source: Shingle Repairs | 8 Important things to Know about Missing Shingles
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There are many reasons to replace missing shingles, whether the missing items were lost due to storm damage or they came off because of age or other reasons instead. Some of these reasons include:

Reasons to Replace Missing Shingles Right Away

1. Leaks in Your Home

Missing shingles can result in leaks in your home. The missing components are not always right above where the leak is coming in, and finding out exactly where the problem is occurring can be difficult to detect unless you have experience in this type of search. The shingles that were lost may be quite a way from where the leak in your home is visible.

You may have leaks that are not always visible, and the only indication that you may have an underlying problem is a shingle or two that is completely gone. If water is getting inside the walls then you may not notice this until significant damage to the structure of your home has been damaged.

2. Rotting Roof Deck

If you have missing shingles that are not replaced fairly quickly you could end up with a roof deck that is rotting or that has weakened areas due to moisture exposure. If the roof deck is not in good condition then this could cause a collapse, and that can be a safety hazard as well as a hassle.

3. Avoid Severe Storm Damage

Any storm damage that may occur can be much more severe if you already have any missing shingles. The bare areas of the roof can allow wind and rain to get under the remaining components and make any damage caused by serious storms to be even worse than it would be if all of your shingles are firmly attached in place.

During a windstorm, a primary goal is routing the wind’s force from the roof down the walls, then to the ground.

Source: Allstate.com

4. Prevent Further Damage

Any missing shingles are a warning sign that repairs are needed, and what you can see from the ground may just be a small part of the problem. Few people get out on their roof and perform an annual inspection even though this is recommended for all homeowners. When any roof issues are addressed right away this can minimize the work needed and the costs involved.

Missing ShinglesThe key to keeping costs down is taking care of any needed roof maintenance and repairs when they are needed. Putting the work off will only cause any issues to grow, and you could end up paying a lot of money for something that started out as an inexpensive and simple repair that was not performed.

5. Prevent Other Missing Shingles

As soon as you see missing shingles this means that there is something that needs to be evaluated by a professional. If you do not act quickly then the problem can accelerate, and one missing component could quickly lead to an entire roof area that is bare or barely covered. Once a single shingle is lost this can cause a domino effect on your roof if you are not careful.

If the shingle damage is extensive it may be time to replace the roof.

Source: ConsumerBuild.org

If you lose a shingle then this allows the edges of the underlying shingles to be exposed. Over time wind, rain, and even condensation can affect the performance of the remaining shingles, and more will start to come off over time. This can be prevented if you are on top of things and you have any missing components replaced right away by a professional.

6. Keep Moisture and Insects Out

Any shingles that are lost, whether this was caused by storm damage or age, will impact the protection that your roof provides. Even small areas that are not fully covered and protected will allow your roof and any components to be exposed. Moisture can get in and affect the materials of the roof, causing damage and weakening wherever moisture can reach.

Insects can be another important consideration. If any area of the roof is open this can allow insects to burrow into the roofing materials, and possibly lay eggs or reproduce in some other way. This can lead to an infestation inside the home and the need for pest control services.

7. Keep Roof Structure from Weakening

A strong roof is crucial to a safe and secure home, and missing shingles or storm damage can affect this. Any damage that is noticed should be fixed quickly, and shingles that are lost should be replaced right away. This will help you keep your roof strong and make it last as long as possible before you have to pay for a replacement cost.

The reasons to replace missing shingles are all pretty serious. If you need repairs to your roof contact us today and we will take care of any of your roof problems.

How often do you check your roof for missing shingles or other types of damage?

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