steep roof in mountains

Should You Shovel Snow Off Your Roof: Safety and Home Care

By Elizabeth Crane / January 6, 2024

When heavy snowfall accumulates, homeowners often think, should you shovel snow off your roof? The weight of accumulated snow can…

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do i need to be home for roof replacement

Do I Need to Be Home for a Roof Replacement? An Essential Guide for Homeowners

By Elizabeth Crane / June 28, 2023

“Do I need to be home for roof replacement?” That’s a question many homeowners ask when considering this major home…

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hail damage to gutters

Hail Damage to Gutters: How to Spot It and What to Do Next

By Elizabeth Crane / June 2, 2023

Experiencing hail damage to gutters is a more common occurrence than most homeowners might think. As we all know, hail…

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partial roof replacement

Partial Roof Replacement: A Crucial Consideration for Homeowners

By Elizabeth Crane / May 31, 2023

It’s time we talk about something important – partial roof replacement. Yes, you read that right. Our focus isn’t a…

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New Siding Estimate

6 Things to look for with a New Siding Estimate Include

By Elizabeth Crane / July 15, 2014

A new siding estimate can be a great tool for comparisons, and it can help you determine which contractor offers…

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