6 Things to look for with a New Siding Estimate Include

New Siding Estimate

A new siding estimate can be a great tool for comparisons, and it can help you determine which contractor offers the best quality at a competitive price and the results that you are looking for. If this written quote is incomplete then you are missing vital information, and you may not be able to determine…

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12 Things You Should Know Before Replacing Roofs

Replacing Roofs

For homeowners, replacing roofs is often a part of the home maintenance process. Whether your roof has outlasted its time or you have sustained damage from inclement weather, there are certain things you should know before you start the process. What you should know before Replacing Roofs 1. Be Prepared for Noise – Replacing roofs…

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8 Things a New Roof Estimate Should Always Include

New Roof Estimate

If you need to choose a roofing company, you need to know what should be included in your new roof estimate. Believe it or not, we’ve seen estimates that were written on a plain piece of paper with a couple lines of what they will do and a price. Needless to say, that company was…

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When is Emergency Roof Repair Needed? Can it Wait?

Emergency Roof repair

Emergency! The definition varies widely with different people. Some think a hangnail requires a visit to the emergency room, while others think it is only an emergency under dire circumstances. But what about an emergency roof repair? What exactly constitutes something that needs immediate attention? Emergency Roof Repair and Roofing Contractors Emergency roof repair is…

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