St. Charles and St. Louis Siding Company

Improve appearance, save energy & protect your home.

Siding can dramatically change the appearance of your home or building. But only if it is quality siding and properly installed. Attention to detail is of the utmost importance and that’s just what we do at Crane Roofing.

Let's get your siding on.

Boost your curb appeal and be energy efficient. We'll have new siding on your home or building in no time.

Siding CompanyIncreased energy efficiency is usually achieved by installing new siding…and who doesn’t need that with today’s concern for going “green” and conserving energy. It’s like earning your money back with a great new appearance.

Siding is primarily exterior home protection from harsh weather conditions, such as wind, hail, snow, rain, sleet, and tornadoes. It also gives your house curb appeal. Whatever your siding needs we've got you covered. Our variety of brands, colors, and types are sure to make your siding contractor decision an easy one.

Whether you want to update the exterior of your home or save on energy costs, Crane Roofing will help you meet your goals.

Our knowledge, experience, and quality products will improve your curb appeal while providing protection from the extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Crane Roofing is known for exceptional customer approval. If you aren’t satisfied, we aren’t satisfied.

What to look for in determining if your siding needs to be replaced.

  • Chipping, flaking, and rotting of siding

  • Rough and uneven edges

  • Color is fading

  • Siding is warped

  • Moisture and dirt behind siding or in between seams

  • Nails sinking inward

  • Mold and mildew

  • Cracks around windows and edges

  • Your siding contains asbestos

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