Finding St. Louis roofing contractors is easy. Finding the best one is a whole different story.

St. Louis Roofing Contractors

There are certain things that you need to know about St. Louis roofing contractors before you pick the right one. Whether you need a leak fixed or you require a completely new roof, when you understand certain things, it can make your final decision much easier, and a better choice.

  • Some contractors use written estimates and others use contracts instead, so you need to understand the difference between these.
  • The local codes and ordinances in your area must be followed completely, so the contractor needs to be familiar with these regulations.
  • Different companies will offer different product choices.
  • If your contract does not include a no later than clause it should.
  • Understand the difference between a workmanship warranty and a manufacturer warranty.
  • Insist on checking to ensure that the payment schedule, payment options, and clean up responsibilities are clearly listed in the contract before you sign it.
  • Always check the business history and reputation of a contractor before offering to hire them.

1. St. Louis Roofing Contractors May Use an Estimate or a Contract

Whether St. Louis roofing contractors use an estimate or a contract is a choice that is personal, and you should understand what each of these is. A written estimate lists all of the expected work and materials, and does not obligate you in any way. A contract that you sign is an agreement for the company to do the work, and it is usually legally binding.

Don’t automatically choose the lowest bidder. Ask for an explanation to see if there’s a reason for the difference in price.

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2. Make Sure a New Roof or Roof Repairs Comply with Local Codes and Ordinances

Whether you need a completely new roof or just some minor repairs it is important that the St. Louis roofing contractors you are considering are familiar with the code requirements for this type of project in your area. Using a local contractor, and not an out of town company, will help ensure they are familiar with local codes.

Does the remodeler: Maintain a permanent mailing address, e-mail address, personal phone number, fax number, cell phone and voicemail?


3. The Product Choices Offered May Vary by Contractor

All of the St. Louis roofing contractors will make an individual decision about which brands and materials that they will offer. Usually these are the ones that the contractor is experienced with or that they have had training in. If a company does not carry a desired product then ask about it.

IKO Shingles Cambridge HD Appalachian

IKO Shingles Cambridge HD Appalachian

4. Every Roof Contract Should Include a No Later Than Clause

A contract with one of the many St. Louis roofing contractors should always include a no later than clause. This date is the date that the work should be finished by at the very latest. A start date is easy to determine but the finish date may require flexibility due to unexpected weather and other unforeseen events.

5. There is a Difference between a Manufacturer Warranty and a Workmanship Warranty

When evaluating St. Louis roofing contractors for a new roof or even simple repairs you should understand the difference between a manufacturer warranty and a workmanship guarantee. The manufacturer will warranty the products that are used, but the contractor should warranty the work involved to install these products.

6. A Roof Contract Should Include the Payment Terms and Cleanup Responsibilities

A contract with one of the St. Louis roofing contractors should always list the payment terms. We advise that you never pay for the entire roof before the job is started. Some companies want a down payment and others only payment on completion.

7. Cleanup Responsibilities

Having a new roof installed can create a lot of trash and debris, especially if you are having your existing roof torn off. St. Louis roofing contractors that are professional and conscientious will make sure they clean up everything and leave your roof and landscaping neat and clean. Make sure it is specifically notated in your contract who is responsible for cleaning up when the job is complete.

8. Be Aware of the Business History and Industry Reputation of Each Company

If you need a new roof then checking the history and reputation of a contractor is very important, because this can help you identify any possible warning signs or red flags. You can’t make an informed decision if you are missing vital information.

What else is important when you are evaluating St. Louis roofing contractors and why?

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