Apartment complex roofs are often just a larger version of a home roof. But when problems happen, it can be on a much larger scale.

Apartment Complex Roofs

Possible Problems with Apartment Complex Roofs

1. Structural Damage – Apartment complex roofs can have structural damage that requires professional repairs. This damage may only affect a small area or the entire roof of the apartment complex could be involved. A roofing contractor can help you determine which roof components need to be replaced and the best way to handle repairs with your budget in mind.

The roof is a good indicator of the presence of structural damage. Look at the ridge of the roof and assess whether it is straight.

Source: LSUAgCenter.com

2. Missing Shingles – One of the most common issues that a roofing contractor finds on any shingled roof is shingles that are missing. When a shingle is lost then water can get to the components underneath, and the roof is placed at risk.

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With an apartment complex, it can be difficult to tell if any shingles are missing without actually getting onto the roof in some cases. Many apartment complex roofs are multiple stories. Due to safety concerns, it is always best to have a roofing contractor examine the roof to check for missing shingles…especially for steep or multiple story complexes.

3. Missing Flashing – Missing flashing is another common problem with apartment complex roofs. Strong winds, heavy rain, and other inclement weather can cause flashing to be torn off or severely damaged. If this component is missing in even a small area then moisture can penetrate and cause further damage.

Leaks can occur at any point where shingles butt, or where caulking and flashing have been compromised.

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4. Broken Shingles – Many apartment complex roofs start to develop leaks and other problems because of broken shingles. Sometimes the crack or break may not even be visible from a distance, but the breach can be enough to allow water to get in and cause a leak or other issue to start.

5. Sagging – A big problem with apartment complexes and home roofs both is sagging. A roofing contractor can evaluate the cause of the sagging and determine which structural components need to be replaced. Often, leaking over a period of time can weaken the roof trusses and cause them to start to sag.

6. Flashing that is Rusted – Rusted flashing can be a problem with older apartment complex roofs. If any of the flashing becomes rusted then moisture may be able to get through and affect the roof components underneath. Any rusted flashing needs to be replaced as soon as possible to protect any felt and other underlying materials.

7. Storm Damage – Because apartment complex roofs are typically larger than most residential roofs, they may also be more susceptible to storm damage. On larger roofs, the damage may not always be visible from the ground, especially if it is situated in a valley or other hidden area. An experienced professional can quickly identify areas of storm damage on any size roof.

8. Improperly Sealed Skylights – Some apartment buildings have skylights, and a common problem that a roofing contractor may find with these structures is that any skylights are not properly installed or sealed. This can allow water to get into the interior of the building, and even into individual apartments.

Skylights Roof

9. Finding the Source of Leaks – When apartment complex roofs start to leak just finding out where the water is getting in can be a difficult chore. An experienced roofer understands the most common areas where a leak can occur and they will usually locate the source of the leak in far less time and know how to stop the problem.

10. Too Many Layers – Just like homes, some apartment complex roofs may already have one or more layers of old roofing under the top layer. If there are too many layers then you may notice sagging or other issues because of the added weight on the structure. A roofing contractor can determine how many layers the roof already has and whether the old layers should be removed.

What problems with apartment complex roofs have you experienced and how did you fix them?

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