5 Reasons You Should Never Attempt Roofing Repair Yourself

Do you enjoy watching all the DIY shows on television? Wonder why you don’t see many on roofing repair? There are several good reasons why this is not a home repair project that you want to attempt on your own.

Roofing RepairRoofing repair is something that every home and commercial building will need at some time or another. There are several reasons why you should never attempt to do this without a professional. If you decide to make repairs to your roof a DIY project then this could void any warranty that you get with the materials that are used.

If you attempt to make repairs to your roof and you make a mess of things because you are not qualified to do these repairs you could end up making a bad problem even worse. You could end up spending even more to have your roof fixed right. If you get up on your roof and try to repair it, you could also end up having an accident or injuring yourself.

DIY roof repair

If you make an attempt to repair a roof without calling in a professional then you may botch the job, and this could result in leaks or even bigger problems later on in the future. The biggest reason not to try to turn a repair project into a DIY job when it comes to roofs is that you do not have the training or knowledge that a professional does.

1. DIY Roofing Repair Could Void any Material Warranty

When you attempt roofing repair without hiring a professional then you could lose the benefits you are entitled to under any warranty for the materials that are being used. Many roofing material companies will only guarantee their products if they are professionally installed. But a DIY installation will void out any warranty offered.

2. You Could Make the Problem Worse and End Up Paying More for Professional Help

DIY roofing repair by inexperienced homeowners is a good way to inflate the cost of these repairs considerably. Once you start the job, mess it up or get stuck, and then realize that help is needed you may pay more in order for the roofing contractor to come out and mitigate the damage that has been done in your attempt to save money.

3. Getting on Your Roof Could Lead to an Accident or Injury

If you do not handle professional roofing repair on a regular basis then you should avoid getting on your roof at all if possible. You could end up falling off the roof, especially if the proper safety equipment is not used.

Emergency rooms see many patients that have been injured from falling off roofs. Especially if your roof is steep you are best to steer clear of climbing up on your roof. Falling off ladders also happens fairly frequently. Professional roofers have all the needed equipment to do this safely.

Repairing a roof shingle or two isn’t the toughest job in the world, but it’s getting up and down and carrying your tools with you that pose the risk of injury or death.

Source: How Stuff Works

4. Repairs Not Performed Properly Could Lead to Leaks and Further Damage

If you try to do roofing repair and you do not perform the job right you could end up needing further work on your roof at a later date because of new leaks and other issues. If the roofing material is not properly applied then a moisture proof seal may not be created and water may be able to seep into the home in one or more spots.

5. You do not have the Training and Knowledge a Professional Does

If you do not have roofing repair experience and specialized knowledge about this type of home improvement project then you may not use the most effective methods or materials, leaving you with a lower quality job and a roof that may not last as long as it should. It is better to pay more and have the job done right the first time.

When was the last time you had your roof looked at by a professional and why?

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